Tuesday, September 24, 2013


   I am the Quesadilla Queen. Every time I am left to my own devices for a meal, I make a quesadilla. When debating names for this blog, the Panini Princess was also an option, because I am crazy about Paninis. It may seem that I only like simple foods, which is 1, not true, and 2, these two foods previously mentioned are only as simple as you make them. You can modify both quesadillas and paninis to any meal, with any ingredients, which is what I love about these so called "simple foods".

   My mother introduced me to cooking as a young girl, and I have loved it ever since. To me, it's an enjoyable feeling to be capable of creating something for yourself, by yourself. I truly believe that anyone can cook, so everyone should be able to feel good that they were able to make a meal for their family.

   Really, I am most passionate about foods from different cultures. We have family and friends with so many recipes that I've never heard of, and I want to learn them. I want to expand my knowledge of cultures and people through food, and I figured that if I wanted to learn this stuff, wouldn't other people want to learn this too? So I decided to make a blog, to share my adventures about the world, all from the comfort of my own kitchen. 

Hasta luego!


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